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Residential Architecture for those who cherish history, community, nature and sustainability best practices, to design spaces that foster unforgettable connections and treasured memories.

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Are you feeling stressed and overwhelmed about renovating your home? or do you know where and how to start?
Do you have a clear direction on your design elements, your priorities, and what you want to incorporate in your space or do you have no idea?
Do you care deeply about natural light, proper ventilation, and the feeling of spaciousness?
Imagine your home had an efficient layout with acoustic, thermal, solar, and sustainable features. Is your current home giving back to the environment?

Our design philosophy prioritizes the balance between landscape, architecture, and interiors. By incorporating these elements, we aim to create a space that promotes joy, wellness, and a connection to nature.

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Fueled by equal parts espresso and curiosity, I spend my days sketching buildings and spaces that make you energized, happy and connected.

Your story, your love, your goals are what make your project special and uniquely yours and I can’t wait to capture it in the design of your project.

I firmly believe that great design should encompass sustainability, foster human relationships and honour cultural traditions, as these elements have the ability to positively impact our lives and those around us.

SYDNEY ARCHITECT FOR sustainable and modern minds

Meet Carlo

- corey zocchi

"I engaged Crush Architecture for my development project, and Carlo and his team were fantastic. They were able to understand my vision and needs, and created a design that perfectly captured the qualities that were important to me.

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- Mark Gunman

It's rare to find people who are not only talented at what they do but also great to work with.
If you're looking for a team that can deliver results and make the process stress-free, Carlo at Crush is the man!

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  1. Refine Design
  2. Add Details
  3. Assemble Project Team
  4. Bill of Quantities

Design Process

so how do WE WORK?

  1. Research
  2. Design Workbook
  3. Project Vision
  4. Hire Architect
  1. Local Authority Submission
  2. Approval
  3. Construction Drawings
  4. Call for Tenders
  1. Start Build
  2. Site Meeting
  3. Quality + Cost Control
  4. Occupation Certificate

  1. Completion Lists
  2. Certificates
  3. Handover
  4. Celebration!
  1. Concept Design
  2. Construction Budget
  3. Timeline
  4. Choose Best Design Option 


8 reasons why we're your dream team

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01_Design Analysis to maximise site potential and ROI

02_Residential Specialist with local Council policy insider's knowledge

03_Project Manager to manage construction process

04_Clarity, Timeframe, Expectations right front at the start

05_Strategy and Planning Session for risk calculation

06_Best network of consultants in the industry to save you time

07_ Specialist in Passive House and Sustainable Developments

08_ Friendly and Flexible. We prioritize humans relationships

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We have created this tool to help you to change your home and understanding the process and what to consider before jumping on the design and construction journey.

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