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A unique, local vision for North Sydney that embraces the areas’ distinctive character and harmonious blend of architectural styles. From the modern design of high-rise commercial, to the heritage-listed cottage facades that whisper tales of the past, North Sydney is a symphony of design.

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North Sydney is Sydney’s second CBD and home to some 15,000 businesses, and 70,000 local residents. For some, it’s the envious eye to Sydney’s greatest landmarks, to many, it’s an urban escape that effortlessly blends convenience, amenities, and liveability.

With one foot in the Lower North Shore and another in Sydney’s Northern beaches, it’s difficult to quantify the areas’ urban sophistication and serene urban charm. North Sydney’s architectural landscape is equally hard to define. With corporate skyscrapers overlooking art deco apartment buildings, Victorian terraces, and heritage sandstone homes all in the same street, North Sydney is a dynamic and unique urban enclave. For our North Sydney architects, projects reflect the integration of modernist architecture with an undeniable historic spirit.

Award Winning
North Sydney Architects

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Residents: 70k

Dwellings: 39k

Architectural Style: Contemporary, heritage, modernist, characterful, art deco, cottage, Victorian terrace houses, Victorian Filigree, colonial revival house

North Sydney Profile: Unmatched convenience meets suburban living

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rush Architecture is a Sydney-based architecture firm working across residential, commercial, and development projects for North Sydney-based clients. Founded by Carlo Russo with the unwavering goal to change the design industry, the Crush North Sydney architecture team draws together a team of industry experts with a shared vision.

There are many things that we could say, but here are the fundamental principles that guide us through each North Sydney project that we complete.

· We believe that what we do today must positively impact the environment tomorrow

· We believe that architecture holds the key to linking past, present, and future

· We believe in empowering the design industry to tackle future global challenges head on

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We work closely with residential clients across a range of projects covering different architectural styles in North Sydney. Our local clients range from contemporary and sleek to workers cottages and heritage listed harbour-homes, and just about everything in between.

We are North Sydney commercial architects that design happy, health spaces that promote productivity and inclusivity. Our customer-first design process means that your space reflects your unique brand values and customer profile.

We deliver certainty and realistic expectations for developers. With Crush, you’ll get a team with creativity that you need, and the expertise that you can trust. We align to create a shared vision and project goals that we can work towards – together.

We partner with like-minded real estate developers in North Sydney. It’s important that we share the same vision and work towards a common goal on these projects to deliver the best possible outcome.

We empower local council projects to promote community values and confidence in North Sydney. Our experience helps our partners to communicate with key stakeholders to ensure the best project outcomes.