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Architect Surry Hills

Embracing the rich tapestry of architectural styles and design that form the backbone of Sydney’s urban epicentre in Surry Hills.

Characterful design in Sydney’s urban heartland

Surry Hills is one of Sydney’s most sought-after suburbs – and for good reason too. The suburb effortlessly combines the convenience of city-living, with the excitement of Sydney’s culinary and arts scene. Growing from industrial and commercial roots, today, Surry Hills boasts an eclectic mix of Federation, Victorian, and Art Deco architecture styles.

Whether you’re renovating, extending, or building from new, Surry Hills’ architectural ethos are about harmonising with the area’s energetic pulse. It’s a place where the aesthetic of old and new not only coexist together but are woven together to create a community that is rich in character and style. Here, every corner and lane reveal a piece of the suburb’s enduring history, each addition contributes to a vibrant future.

Award Winning Architects Surry Hills

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Residents: 16k

Dwellings: 9.78k

Architectural Style: Federation, Victorian, and Art Deco

Known For: Sydney’s culinary epicentre meets arts and city-living convenience.

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We are a Sydney-based architecture firm specialising in residential, commercial, and development works for a diverse range of clients. Founded by Carlo Russo with the ambition to change the design industry, Crush Architecture draws together a team of experts that share that vision and are committed to working with clients to bring their vision to life.

There’s a lot that we could say here, but here are the fundamental’s that guide us in each project that we undertake:

1. We believe that the environments we build today need to positively impact tomorrow.

2. We believe that architecture should establishing a connection between past, present and future.

3. We believe in empowering the design & construction industry to tackle future global challenges

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Residential architecture that puts you in the driver’s seat. We take a concerted approach to understand the things that matter most – your loves, nature, and culture. From there, we work together to create your unique vision.

We partner with commercial and retail businesses to design happy, healthy spaces that promote productivity. Our customer-centric process ensures that your space speaks the same language as your ideal customer.

We deliver certainty and realistic expectations for developers. With Crush, you’ll get a team with creativity that you need, and the expertise that you can trust. We align to create a shared vision and project goals that we can work towards – together.

We help public clients to deliver projects that promote community values and confidence. We understand the process and know how to communicate with key stakeholders to make the most of your budget and deliver the best outcome.