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Annandale Architects

Bold and diverse property design projects that capture the essence of Annandale’s rich architectural history and modern evolution. 

Annandale is a peaceful alcove among its busy, neighbouring inner-west suburbs. Best known for its family-friendly atmosphere, picturesque streets, and open green spaces, the suburb exudes a charming "white picket fence" feel while still hosting boldly designed character homes and mansions, with many houses being larger than those found in surrounding suburbs.

Annandale's ambience and attractive streetscapes make it a perfect fit for families and professionals seeking a tranquil lifestyle, and this is also reflected in the style of homes available in the locale. With close proximity to the waterfront and a vibrant community, Annadale holds promising options for stunning house designs. 

Award Winning Architects Annandale

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Residents: 9,487

Dwellings: 4,439

Architectural Style: A mix of Victorian, Federation, Art Deco, and contemporary designs.

Curb Appeal: Suburban living with both a neighbourhood feel and city conveniences.

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A Quick Look at Annandale

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As a specialist architecture and design firm for residential, commercial, and development projects throughout Annandale, Crush Architecture works with a range of clients to create custom building designs through collaboration and inspiration. 

Our team of designers and architects at Crush Architecture are guided by: 
A passion for designing and developing projects that leave a lasting and positive impact on the environment.

A commitment to integrating architectural designs with elements from the past, present, and future.

A desire for innovation and putting forth concepts that challenge the design and construction industry. 

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Our Architectural Projects in Annandale





Our award-winning expertise can help you achieve the custom-designed home of your dreams. By working closely with you, our architects and designers will create a bespoke home design that blends in seamlessly with the peaceful ambiance of Annandale's neighbourhood.

For commercial projects, our design services aim to capture the essence of Annandale’s spaces within your commercial premises, whether it's a retail store, hotel, or café space, while keeping your brand’s message and image at the forefront of the design. 

Crush Architecture works with developers for development projects in Annadale. We tailored our design services to match your unique vision and project objectives to achieve a lucrative and attractive outcome for the future space. 

We also work with council and public projects in Annandale, helping to create council spaces that represent the spirit of the community as well as offer value in terms of function. By working closely with your team and any key stakeholders, we can ensure a successful and valuable addition to the Annandale community.