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Bold and vibrant design projects for bold and vibrant residents and businesses in Potts Point. 

Nestled between suburbs of Darlinghurst, Rushcutters Bay, and Elizabeth Bay, it doesn’t get more Sydney than the little pocket of inner-city suburb that is Potts Point. Boasting exclusivity, casual dining, iconic land-marks, and a multi-cultural community, Potts Point is a melting pot of contrasting diversity. And its architecture is no different.

The harbourside suburb is home to the iconic Kings Cross, where just a street back you’ll find five-story, perfectly manicured terrace homes. Weave your way through the a local-favourite Llankelly Place, and you’ll find yourself marvelling at some of Sydney’s most beautiful art-deco apartment buildings. While home to some of Sydney’s most affluent, Potts Point still retains a semblance of its bohemian past in its culture and architecture.

Award-Winning Architects Potts Point

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Residents: 7,183

Dwellings: 5,259

Architectural Style: Art deco apartments and large, Victorian terraces

Known For: Bustling entertainment and dining options amidst quiet residential streets

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The team at Crush Architecture excels in crafting bespoke designs for residential, commercial, and development ventures across Potts Point and its environs. We work closely with a diverse portfolio of clients to bring their distinct ideas to life by applying our expertise in design.

Here’s a summary of what we’re passionate about:

A commitment to designing and developing projects that have a positive impact on the present and future environment.

Producing architectural designs that seamlessly integrate elements from the past, present, and future.

Developing building concepts that push the boundaries of the design and construction industry.

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Architectural Projects in Potts Point





By working with our award-winning architects and designers, your ideal home can be made into a reality, complete with a tailored design that fits perfectly with the vibrant, exclusive, and charming neighbourhood of Potts Point. 

Potts Point has a rich commercial reputation - we will aim to capture that same appeal for your commercial space, whether it’s a café, hotel, or retail store. We will work with you to incorporate your brand image into the design of your commercial space in a way that helps you connect with your intended audience. 

We are the design architectural experts in Potts Point that developers can rely on. With our professional expertise, we can support the development of your spaces with your vision and project goals at the forefront of our design process for an ideal outcome.

Our services extend to council and public projects in Potts Point. Our team is familiar with the complex process of developing council spaces that are both functional and embody