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Meet the Alexandria architectural experts leveraging the area’s rich industrial heritage and distinct contemporary character.

Architects Alexandria

Once laden with light-industrial spaces across its entirety, Alexandria has seen a dramatic metamorphosis into one of the most modern inner-city suburbs in Sydney. Featuring multiple high-density dwellings, particularly surrounding the newly erected Green Square station, Alexandria is steadily becoming a popular residential enclave among young professionals looking for quick access to the city.

While warehouses and industrial sites still populate the backlanes of Alexandria, it has become increasingly littered with cafes, eateries, and retail shops that are evolving the architectural ethos of the suburb into one that is centred around modern conveniences and lifestyles.

Architects Alexandria

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Residents: 9,649

Dwellings: 5,291

Architectural Style: Terraced housing, warehouses, modern residential developments

Suburb profile: Rapidly gentrifying suburb that hosts a balance of industrial spaces and diverse housing options.

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Alexandria Overview

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At Crush Architecture, we believe in bringing a fresh new perspective to building designs for a wide range of residential, commercial, and development projects. Founded by Carlo Russo, Crush endeavours to inspire positive shifts in the design industry while delivering quality outcomes that align with client visions.

There’s a lot more we could share about our vision, but we think it’s best experienced rather than talked about here. Here’s a glimpse at what guides our design process for our projects in Alexandria:

1. Making a conscious effort to create buildings that synergise with their environment for a better future.

2. Paying homage to historical styles and culture while looking forward to future evolutions.

3. Committed to facing global challenges and inspiring the design and construction industry.

The Crush Story

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Our expertise in architectural work extends to council projects, with the aim of fulfilling key objectives for the community and improving the value that Alexandria offers to both residents and businesses. We will tailor our services to match your budget and deliver an ideal outcome.

Council Projects

With constant ongoing improvements to modernise the suburb, Alexandria is ripe for development work. Partner with our creative team to design and build an attractive commercial or residential property that is both innovative and sustainable.


Whether it's a retail shop or an industrial workspace, we’ll help your business achieve the delicate balance of blending into Alexandria with enough identity to remain distinct from the crowd. Your commercial space will be in good hands with our client-first design approach. 

Commercial Projects

Our approach to new homes and renovation projects for Alexandria residential spaces is simple — we combine your vision with our expertise to create a home that truly reflects your personal ideals, lifestyle, and culture. 

Residential Architecture

Our Architecture Projects