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Bespoke design in one of Sydney’s most celebrated cultural settings.

Award-winning architecture and design in Newtown, Sydney

Architects Newtown

Newtown is a suburb that needs little introduction. Known for its vibrant, rebellious street art, and bustling nightlife, Newtown epitomises the bohemian spirit of Sydney’s inner west.

Peel back the layers and It’s sometimes easy to forget that Newtown is more than a main street lined with endless eateries and shopping options. Behind the 24-hour lights, Newtown is a treasure trove of heterogeneous architectural design and style.

Escape the hustle and bustle of King Street and you won’t be searching long before uncovering some of the most intriguing and eclectic architecture that Sydney’s Inner West can dish up. From vibrant terraces to contemporary house developments, Newtown is a harmonious blend of the traditional and the new.

For our passionate team of architects and designers, Newtown is a suburb that demands deep respect. We approach each architectural undertaking in Newtown with a deep understanding of the heritage and dynamic present with the underlying aim of contributing positively to the eclectic streetscape.

Newton Architects

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Residents: 14.6k

Dwellings: 7.6k

Architectural Style: Heritage, Victorian, contemporary

Newtown profile: A vibrant hub in Sydney’s Inner West

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Crush Architecture is a progressive Sydney-based architecture and design house with a strong presence in Newtown and the surrounding Inner West suburbs. Founded by Carlo Russo, Crush Architecture comprises a diverse architecture and design team that is passionate about creating spaces that resonate with Newtown’s unique cultural fabric.

There’s a lot that we could say about who we are, what drives us, and what keeps us up at night. But here’s the snapshot that matters:

· We are committed to creating work that serves the present and enriches the future with a positive legacy for generations to come.

· We strive to create a connection between past, present, and future in each Newtown architecture and design project that we undertake.

· We are committed to challenging the status quo of the building and design industry to make a positive impact on tomorrow.

The Crush Story

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Our architecture and design partnerships in Newtown extend to councils and public sector clients to forge projects that create better shared spaces. We are committed to engaging with councils and public sector clientele across a range of projects that foster community growth in Newtown.


We collaborate with developers in Newtown on a range of pioneering commercial and residential developments. We partner with developers that share our vision to create projects that highlight the best of Newtown. Think colourful, exciting, and eclectic.


Newtown’s commercial architectural outlook is constantly changing. Our diverse portfolio of commercial architecture in Newtown showcases designs that are tailored to resonate with the character of different commercial spaces including offices, hospitality, and bespoke retail.

Commercial Architects

Residential architects in Newtown working across a spectrum of residential projects and home designs. We work within the unique challenges of small footprints and tight spaces synonymous with the suburb to create spaces that showcase the unique tapestry of Newtown.  

Residential Architects

Our Newtown Projects