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Architects Paddington

Paddington design and architecture projects that blend historical depth with contemporary flair.

Sophistication meets urban charm amidst leafy, bustling streets

For Sydney-based architects, Paddington presents some of the most exciting architectural and design opportunities.

Paddington is one of Sydney’s most sought-after postcodes – and for good reason too. With easy access to the city, beaches, and the best of Sydney’s culinary and arts scene, there’s a lot to love about Paddo’.

For design and architecture, Paddington is a unique and distinguishable suburb rooted in heritage Victorian terraces that pay homage to the suburb’s rich history. The careful preservation of Paddington’s architectural heritage is evident throughout the leafy streets and bustling local watering holes. For residents, the history of the Paddington is a living testament to the city’s architectural evolution that has enveloped Sydney over the past half a century, offering Victorian and Georgian styles.

However, Paddington is not just residential; it’s a bustling hub of commercial activity too. Between the Saturday markets, boutique shops, and active-wear clad of the Centennial Park spill over, Paddington is bursting with activity and community. Considered an Urban Conservation Area classified by the National Trust of Australia, Paddington is one of Sydney’s most special suburbs.

Award-Winning Paddington Architects

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Residents: 12.7k

Dwellings: 6.6k

Architectural Style: Victorian heritage meets contemporary design innovation

Paddington profile: One of Sydney’s most prized postcodes with an abundance of amenities and endless lifestyle appeal for those chasing the ultimate urban oasis.

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Crush Architecture is a Sydney-based architecture firm specialising in residential, commercial, and development projects. Founded by Carlo Russo, the Crush Architecture team is a collective of creative minds committed to transforming visions into tangible realities.

As a team, we are united in three shared values that we carry into each and every architectural project in Paddington:

1. We believe that what we do today must positively impact the environment that we share tomorrow.

2. We believe that architecture must establish a clear connection between past, present, and future.

3. We are committed to empowering the design and construction industry to create sustainable, long-term solutions.

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Residential architecture projects in Paddington are something like an obsession for our team or designers. We take a considered approach to combine what matters most to your vision to create a unique, stunning end-design.

Paddington is in something of a transition at the moment, as we usher in a new generation of retail, hospitality, and commercial venues, Crush Architecture is proud to partner with these local landmarks that usher in tomorrow’s vision.

As Paddington enjoys somewhat of a renaissance on development, Crush is proud to partner with a developers that share the same vision for tomorrow. We align, collaborate, and create projects that enrich Paddo’s local community.

Split between Woollahra and Sydney City council, Crush is proud to work with both local councils to develop spaces that promote community values and confidence.