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Contemporary Architecture & Design Double Bay

The elegant enclave of Double Bay blends harbourside living with effortless sophistication.

Striking design and planning in Sydney’s Double Bay

Sydney’s Double Bay needs little introduction. From a thriving culinary scene and nightlife to its understated café and shopping scene, the Double Bay is the embodiment of what it means to reside in Sydney’s eastern suburbs.

The architectural landscape of Double Bay is nothing if not storied. Underscored by a rich tapestry that reflects its evolution from a secluded harbourside retreat to a cosmopolitan hub. From heritage-listed mansions to more contemporary residences and a recent boom in luxury apartments, Double Bay is a blend of old-world charm and modern luxury.

For our team of architects and designers in Double Bay, the challenge lies in preserving the suburb’s historical elegance, while providing contemporary amenities and designs. Each project architectural and design project in Double Bay is held to the highest standard of luxury and quality, while preserving the suburb’s important history.

Double Bay Architects

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Residents: 4.7k


Architectural Style:
Heritage, Victorian, contemporary

Double Bay profile:
A prized location in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs

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Double Bay Through the Lens

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Crush Architecture is a Sydney-based architecture and design firm working across an elected mix of residential, commercial, and development works in Double Bay and surrounding areas. Founded by Carlo Russo, the firm is a mix of architects and designers committed to transforming vision into reality.

There’s a lot that we can say about who we are and what we stand for. But let’s keep it brief. Here’s the must-know about our Double Bay architects and designers.

· We are committed to creating works that serve the present and enrich the future with a positive legacy for generations to come.

· Our architecture strives to create the bridge between past, present, and future

· We are continually challenging the design and construction industry to make decisions that have a positive impact on tomorrow.

The Crush Story

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We partner with council and public clients to create projects that promote community values and confidence. Our Double Bay architects and designers work with you to communicate with key stakeholders to ensure the best outcome.


We partner with developers in Double Bay across a range of exciting commercial and residential projects. With Crush, you’ll get a team that you can trust. We align to create a shared vision and project goals that we can work towards, together.


Double Bay’s commercial scene is constantly changing. We work across a range of office, hospitality, and retail architecture and design projects in Double Bay that speak the same language as your ideal customer.


Our Double Bay residential architects and designers work across a range of residential projects. We understand the unique challenges that come with design and building in Double Bay and work with our residential clients to address those for a seamless design and construction project.


Our Double Bay Projects