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Contemporary & Heritage architecture design in the north shore region of Sydney.

Architects North Shore

From across the harbour and beyond up to Wahroonga, Sydney’s North Shore features sparser spaces of housing and commercial areas, yet retains all the comforts and conveniences of city living. With pockets of greenery spread throughout the region, the North Shore presents architectural styles that take advantage of larger spaces, from master-planned shopping districts to modern houses.

The region is split between upper and lower halves, each with its own distinct appeal. The upper north shore has an idyllic landscape that makes it ripe for development, while the lower north shore showcases a more urban and established environment. When it comes to architectural designs on Sydney’s North Shore, our team takes every aspect of the area’s surroundings into consideration to create a space that truly shines.

North Shore Architects

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Residents: 78,893

Dwellings: 42,957

Architectural Style: Modernist homes with ample spaces, Contemporary developments in growing regional estates

Region profile:
Upper North Shore presents favourable opportunities for new developments amidst emerging communities. Lower North Shore contains bustling residential and commercial districts with established amenities.

Notable Suburbs:
Chatswood, Mosman, and North Sydney (Lower North Shore); Normanhurst, Hornsby, Roseville (Upper North Shore)

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A Closer Look at Sydney’s North Shore

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Crush Architecture is a Sydney-based architecture and design firm founded by Carlo Russo. We specialise in creating unique designs for residential, commercial, and development projects for a wide range of clients, with a team of creative architects that share the vision of improving future spaces for living and work.

Our design philosophy can be summarised by three shared values that guide our work no matter the type of project we take on:

1. To create a positive impact on the shared environment.

2. To form a bridge between the past, present, and future of the surroundings.

3. To offer new solutions to the design and construction industry for shared challenges in the community.

The Crush Story

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Our team works with local councils across the North Shore to create spaces that promote community living and bring people together. 

Council Projects

As more and more Sydney-siders look for more affordable and flexible housing on the city’s outskirts, the Upper North Shore region offers lucrative prospects for developers. We are always open to working with developers to create stunning communities that combine the old and the new. 


Opportunities for commercial projects abound on Sydney’s North Shore; and we’re here to help you take hold of them. With clear and consistent communication, we will formulate a plan for your commercial space that captures the essence of what your clients are looking for. 

Commercial Projects

Our North Shore architects are adept at marrying the contemporary ideas we have with the vision of your living spaces. We strive to reflect your lifestyle and passions in the building designs that we create. 

Residential Architecture

Architecture Projects on the North Shore