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Award-Winning Architects Bondi

Contemporary design with a focus on preserving Bondi’s rich heritage and architectural charm.

Arguably the most recognisable suburb in Australia, Bondi is home to one of the most visited beaches in the world. Peek beyond the beach and jaw-dropping coastline and you’ll find one of the most eclectic and liveable postcodes in Sydney. Whether the beach is a drawcard of just a nice addition, Bondi offers an abundance of dining and entertainment options that means you may never need to leave – just ask the locals.

For our team of designers and Bondi architects, the suburb is full of intrigue and possibility. From the contemporary, to the art deco and red-brick homes that trace their roots back to one of Sydney’s oldest and proudest beachside communities, Bondi is an architectural icon.

For our team of designers, we tackle a range of commercial and residential architecture projects in Bondi with a diverse range of clientele. Across those distinctly unique projects, we are committed to learning about the unique vision of each client to turn an idea into a reality.

Award-Winning Bondi Architects

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Postcode: 2026

Residents: 10.4k

Dwellings: 5.3k

Known For: Australia’s most famous beach, an eclectic and proud local community, and some of Sydney’s most sought-after pieces of real estate.

Suited to: Anyone and everyone. Bondi’s local community is as diverse as it is proud. A striking coastline and cosmopolitan array of eateries, cafes, and night spots.

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Located a stone’s throw from Bondi in Sydney’s urban heartland of Surry Hills, the Crush Architecture team is proud to have worked across a range of residential, commercial, retail, and development architecture projects in Bondi. From projects that honour the past, to future-forward contemporary design projects that exert Sydney’s architectural prowess, the Crush Architecture team has proudly worked across a unique range of assignments in Bondi.

Led by our founder Carlo Russo, the Crush Architecture team is a united team of creative pragmatists with a flair for meeting the unique aspirations of each client. Through each Bondi architecture and design project, we are guided by three consistent principles:

1. A future-first approach that ensures we are making a positive impact on the environment

2. Shared architectural ethos that combine past, present, and future in each project

3. A continued challenge to the design industry to make conscious environmental decisions that enrich our local communities.

Bondi Architecture & Design – Our Story

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Bondi Architectural Projects





The Crush Architecture team in Bondi works across an eclectic range of residential projects. From contemporary design to heritage minded projects that preserve the unique architectural charm of Bondi and its natural environment.

Bondi is in a constant state of flux. With no shortage of tourism and a local community that is ravenous for all things ‘new’, we are consistently working on a range of different commercial architecture projects in Bondi. From retail to hospitality and commercial, we tackle each project with a fresh perspective and a desire to create something that is truly distinctive and memorable.

Bondi is a hub of development and change. Our award-winning Bondi architects partner with like-minded developers who share our values of collaboration and future-first design across a range of residential and commercial development projects in Bondi and Bondi Junction.

We are proud to partner with local council clients to create unique designs that promote community values and encourage connection through space.