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Award-Winning Architects Mosman

Design and architecture that honours the past while embracing future opportunities.

Home to some of Sydney’s most prized federation and waterfront residences, Mosman is a seamless blend of grandeur, harbourside appeal, and federation charm. As surrounding suburbs have surrendered to the relentless march of residential development, Mosman has stood steadfast on its historical roots.

Comprised of stately mansions and expansive, lush gardens, Mosman continues to honour the past through careful conservation. For our designers and architects, Mosman presents a unique opportunity to honour the spirit of the past, while embracing the potential of the future through contemporary design.

Mosman Architects & Designers

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Residents: 28k

Dwellings: 13.4k

Architectural Style: Federation Queen Anne, Victorian, Contemporary

Mosman profile: An uncompromising indulgence of leafy streets, grandeur, chic amenities, underscored by a vibrant local community.

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Crush Architecture is an energetic, passionate architecture and design firm proudly preserving and enriching the Mosman’s architectural treasures. Founded by Carlo Russo, Crush is committed to honouring Mosman’s heritage, celebrating the present, and paving the way for a future filled with contemporary possibilities.

There’s a lot that we could say about who we are and what we stand for. But for us, there are three underlying fundamentals that we carry into each architecture project in Mosman.

1. We believe that what we build today must positively impact the environment tomorrow.

2. We believe that architecture and design should create a connection between, past, present, and future.

3. We are committed to empowering the design and construction industry to tackle future, global challenges.

Mosman Architects; With a Difference

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From Federation Queen Anne, to Victorian and Contemporary, we tackle a range of residential architecture projects in Mosman. From modest makeovers to complete overhauls, we are committed to preserving and enriching to create your unique vision.

As Mosman continues to evolve, we work across a range of commercial projects from retail to hospitality, and much more. We take a considered approach to commercial architecture in Mosman to create unique spaces that speak the same language as your ideal customer.

Our Mosman architects’ partner with developers to provide certainty in design and realistic expectations. We align with your development team as we move towards a shared vision and project goals that we can achieve together.

We partner with Mosman’s local council across a range of architecture and design projects that promote community values and instil confidence. Through this process, our experienced team can guide communication with key stakeholders to ensure the best community outcome.